Animation Mentor Class1 Progress Reel

I correct most of my shots by my mentor's (DON KIM) crituqes. Class 1 is very important for learning basic animation princibles. I hope you like it.


AM - Wallpapers

You can click on and save images for desktop wallpaper. I did them for AM weekly assignments. All images are 1024x768 px size. I hope you like them.


Keloğlan Episode 1-5 (My shots)

I collect some of my character animation shots on Keloglan TV Episodes 1 to 5. They are much longer and i had cut them. All our team make great effort on it.

Keloğlan Outro

I did character animations and compositing for Keloglan TV Episodes Outro (for casting). I hope u like it.


AM - Class01 - Updated STU Poses

I updated my stu pose as my Class1 Mentor (Don Kim)told. I did some designs in photoshop i use some vector images. I hope u like it ;)