Keloglan TV Promotion

Animax Animation Studios proudly presents Keloglan TV Episodes. I am working as a character animator in Animax. Also I am editing and compositing some of the episodes. All our team members work too much, thanks to all them.


AM - Class01 - Section04 (Two Bouncing Balls)

We try to animate two different weighted balls for timing and spacing.

AM - Class01 - Section03 (Bouncing Ball)

This was the first animation assignment in Animation Mentor. You can learn timing spacing, arcs, graph editor with this lesson.

AM - Class01 - Section03 (STU Pose)

Allways keep in mind line of actions. While u are drawing poses u must first draw line of action then u make th pose over it.

AM - Class01 - Section03 (Excitement-Sketches)

I try to find and draw different excitement statements for posing STU character.

AM - Class01 - Section02 (STU Pose)

I give pose to STU character which is providen by Animation Mentor. This our first posture.