I am Currently at Animax

I am currently working as a character animator in Animax Animation Studios. We are doing an animated tv series which is about 40 episodes. I am very excited about final shots... I will share them after we finish the project.

Character Animation Reel 2008

I did these animations this year and i am currently working on a new animation project in Animax Animation Studios. But i couldn't put them because of copyrights issues. When the project ends i will put my shots ;)

Motion Graphics Reel 2008

I did motion graphics for commercials, tv shows openins, music clips, tv identities... for many years. From now i don't think i can do any more :) because i found a job in an animation studio as a character animator!

Timing, Spacing, Squash and Strech Test

Ottoman Toon Soldier

I modeled this character in Maya 2008 and rendered with mentalray. Serdar Gökmen do concept drawings. I do some new touches while modeling to catch toon style.

Clever Toon Character

I modeled this character for www.dersvar.com which is a 3d educational forum.

Toon Angel of Death Character

I modeled this character hust for fun :)

French Style Character

I tried to model a french style toon charater. I hope you like it.

Polygon Modeling